Instead of clouding your personality with ONE overwhelming odor we created five PERFUME POWER SHOTS with extra natural perfumery oils that work on your neurosystem. Spritz it on yourself, around you or on your hometextiles. Being based in Opio, near Grasse, we work with the best innovative perfumers to develop our unique PERFUME POWER SHOTS. Scents that do so much more – giving you the mood boost you need – wherever you are.  The five sCentiments are special  - we use heaps of  natural perfumery ingredients with targetted "aromachological" properties  -bergamote, pomelo, jasmin oil, sandalwood, nutmeg, rosewood, mint , rose oil, mimosa, benzoin, vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood  - which all work with your mood to give you that instant required boost.


PerfumeLAB is a joint (ad)venture of Ingeborg Milsted-Lurvink, PerumeID and Edith Vervest, VERS branding

Edith Vervest, co-founder.


"To me it's important to have my own signature in everything I do and wear. Therefor I don't want to conform to celebs or highstreet brands and their overwhelming fragrances. Next to that I have a great interest in neurology and neuromarketing. I got to know more and more about the power of scents. Et voilà, the idea for perfumeLAB was born! Your own little miniLAB with unique, high quality perfumes that, at the same time, give you a little moodboost whenever you need one. In my work as branddesigner I like to keep things simple and pure. If the product is good you don't need a lot of poehaa. So we chose our bottles to fit though your mailbox, called the scents after the sentiments and corresponding colours, and wrap it all in simple, pure packaging without plastic. Pure sCentiment!"

Ingeborg Milsted-Lurvink, co-founder


"Perfume has been my passion for more than 30 years. I love working in this world  of creativity – involved in perfume design and scent signatures for corporates as well as developing perfume lines for bespoke high end niche brands.  I have been blessed to work in Paris with perfumers like Pierre Bourdon, Maurice Roussel. Now with perfumeLAB I can fulfill my desire for authentic pure fragrances which combine pleasure, scentimental need and craftmenship. I want to bring back the true character of perfumery and let natural perfume ingredients play an important role."